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May 10th 2013. Brusselnieuws. Interview with Tom Peeters. (Dutch)

April 16th 2013. Cuttingedge Interview with Ellen Van Hoegaerden. (Dutch)

April 12th 2010. Fileunder. Interview with Marinus de Goederen (Dutch)

February 2nd 2010. There goes the fear. Interview with Phil Singer.

February 22nd 2010. Sound of Violence. Interview with Anne-Line.

January 8th 2008. Experimental music love Interview with Free Edinburgh.

September 8th 2007. Incendiary. Interview with Damian Leslie.


June 10th 2013 York Press House Concert, York, UK : Review by Paul Rhodes
“An evening that will live long for those lucky enough to squeeze in”

May 29th 2013 Portsmouth news Wedgewood rooms, Portsmouth, UK: Review by Graeme Patfield
“It’s like being punched in the face with a velvet glove, and still you want to thank him afterwards”

May 28th 2013 Kyeo Sage, Gateshead, UK : Review by Tom Hollingworth
“Along with the dry-wit of his miserablist introspection, he bonds 99% of the audience”

May 18th 2013 Incendiary De Duif, Amsterdam, NL : Review by Damian Leslie
“by the end of the show the crowd are applauding in the traditional manner, yelling and stamping their feet in recognition of a man of real talent and clamouring for a well-deserved encore..”

May 5th 2013 Stereoboard Glee Club, Cardiff, UK : Review by David Ball
“It takes real skill to perform the haunting type of songs (…) McRae manages this impressively throughout”

October 19th 2012 De Morgen (****) Handelsbeurs, Gent, BE : Review by Tinne Strauven
“Tom McRae has the crowd eating out of his hand in Ghent”

Album Reviews

Album reviews are of course quite sensitive for the die-hard fan, especially if they tend to rip a record apart. We don’t expect you to agree with these reviews summed up below, they are other person’s opinions and they should be respected for being just that.  You have the right to disagree.

From the Lowlands
Hive (10/10) : Review by James Attenborough
” It seems that McRae has found his way lightly to a farm in Suffolk.  Hopefully, it’s a place from which he can continue to send us his music – all the way from the lowlands.”
Indiestyle: (4/5) Review by Gert Thijs
“Sober and personal record” C- Review by Emmet Smith
“Feels like an afterthought”
For Folk’s Sake: Review by Tom White
“excellent album, one that firmly re-establishes McRae among this country’s finest singer-songwriters”
Cutting Edge (4/5): Review by  Guy Stevens
“The past years he released two albums that weren’t received too well, with (…) he makes a return to form”
Enola (6.0): Review by Annelies Delchambre
“He sings like an angel but curses like the devil. On (…) it happens alas far too little to call this a good record.”
Stereoboard (4.5/5): Review by David Ball
“It’s his best work for more than 10 years, hopefully it finally earns him the respect he thoroughly deserves.”

Alphabet of Hurricanes

Guardian: (4/5) Review by Caroline Sullivan
“Alphabet of Hurricanes reinforces his status as one of Britain’s better songwriters”
Humo: (3/4) Review by (cv)
No matter how high the fire goes (…) we doubt it’ll end up with the embers in our ash-bin
BBCReview by Rob Crossan
“Windswept folk tales of crepuscular meetings, heavy seas and worn-out clothes.”
State: (4/5) Review by John Walshe
“As a soundtrack to heartbreak and melancholy, there are few better”
Uncut: (3/5) Review by Nigel Williamson
Allmusic: (3/5) Review by  J. Allen, Rovi
“Expertly frames his discontent, he never wallows in it, and knowing the difference (…) puts McRae toward the front of the current line of U.K. strum-and-croon types.
Skinny: (3/5) Review by Chris Buckle.
“Despite disappointments,McRae proves resilient and occasionally poignant
Drowned in soundReview by Josh Heller
“missing the emotion that made those (first two) records so potent”
MusicOhm: ** Review by  Talia Soghomonian
“We (…) expect him to at least live up to the album title’s rage”
Ekaya: (3/5) Review by Edward
“McRae’s music is as easy to love as it is to hate”