What a way to win a war

The second promo video for this song, produced by Klaus Verschuere.
This was filmed in zwevegem, with extra’s that could sign up if you were following
the “Danse la pluie” facebook page, which is Klaus’s company.
The shoot took place at the Transfo site at Zwevegem, Belgium, where also the
art installation featuring Tom’s music “Via Dolorosa” was presented for the first time.


What a way to win a war

Video to promote the first single of the album “Did I sleep and miss the border?”.
This is the version Tom made and was labelled “official”.



La chanson des vieux amants

On Monday, October 6th, Tom was invited on to the Belgian television program Café Corsari. Jef Neve who has a regular spot on the show this season, wanted to perform a Jacques Brel song, as it was 36 years ago that week he passed away. Tom, who was already in the country for the Via Dolorosa art installation, was invited to provide the vocals.

The song was at the end of the show, but there was a short interview before.
For those interested, that bit  can be seen here: Interview