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One last shot.

For the restless will disappear as a site by October 2018.
For anyone who wants to stay in touch you can do so via the facebook group.
If anyone wants to take over the helm, feel free to give me a shout.

It’s hard to maintain a website like this when there’s not much to report and your heart is no longer in it.

So this post is the last shot of lead, the last shot of whiskey, the last roll of the dice.

It’s been a lovely run.



Some of you might remember the artwork installation “Via Dolorosa”, a collaboration between Belgian visual artist Klaus Verscheure and Tom McRae.
Well, the pair have teamed up again for their new effort entitled: “Adam&Eve / Eve&Adam”

The story is about the classic biblical theme “Genesis”. And why can’t Adam be Eve and vice versa ?
The video installation on two screens is a modern take on the story and goes beyond the
classic representation of the perfect couple that gave mankind it’s original sin.

Much like in the bible where Eve is sometimes a “he”, in this picturesque film lies the confclit of gender issue.
Just like last time, the classical soundtrack is written by Tom McRae and will be performed live.

When ? October 7th 2017
19:30 (live music) – 20:15 – 21:00 (live music) – 21:45 – 22:30 (live music) – 23:15 – 00:00 (live music) – 00:45 | 20 min.
Where ? FSMA, Congresstraat 12-14, Brussels.

Additional info here:

For the complete program of “Les Nuits Blanches” visit:


Lyrics for new song “Mend your heart”

A few lucky ones were invited to listen to a new song called “Mend your heart”,
which will feature on Tom’s new record “Ah the world ! Oh the world!”, due this Monday.

We’ve transcribed the lyrics, and while we won’t give away the song (after all it’s only a two days wait anymore)
we can however share with you that it’s a classic Tom McRae tune.
Depressing, desperate lyrics, and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. What’s not to like ?


(sounds of seagulls)

I am just trying to mend your heart
I am just trying to mend your heart

I wake to sound of waves and another drowning dream
the low moon, the high wind, blows me back to sleep
in my dream of flying to you

there’s a red house by the water and another in the hills
the world turns so recklessly while I am trying to stand still
and I’ve traded lightning for a steering star

I am just trying to mend your heart
I am just trying to mend your heart
in a world on fire
in a world on fire
in a world on fire

Any fool can write a song and say: it’s gonna be ok
truth is, I’m just hoping, for a handful of good days
I’ve grown good at reading the signs
so fill your glass, love, it’s almost time

I am just trying to mend your heart
in a world on fire
in a world on fire
in a world on fire
I am just trying to mend your heart
in a world on fire

Ah, The World! Oh, The World!

Tom McRae’s new album is set for release on August 28th 2017.
Entitled “Ah, The World! Oh, The World!” it will, among others, feature a track called Mend your Heart.

We reckon presale tickets on the webshop, artwork and full tracklisting will be announced shortly.

Bring it on !

First three UK dates of the autumn tour announced !

It is with great pleasure to announce the first dates of the Autumn tour. Tom McRae is to embark on a concert series as a trio with the two Ol(l)ies, performing songs from the yet to be announced new album.

So without further ado, the dates below. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

September 5th, Glasgow, King Tuts, Wah Wah Hut. – Buy here
eptember 6th, Manchester, Deaf Institute. – Buy here
September 7th, London, Union Chapel. – Buy here

tom tour 2017

New Album – New Tour

It’s no secret Tom has been wrapping up his latest album, and now he officially announced that he will be touring in September, October. He would like YOU to offer suggestions of places to play, they may be a little out of the ordinary this time.

Get your suggestions over to him over here: or at Tom’s official facebook post here:


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v4.0 is coming, with mobile support.