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Some of you might remember the artwork installation “Via Dolorosa”, a collaboration between Belgian visual artist Klaus Verscheure and Tom McRae.
Well, the pair have teamed up again for their new effort entitled: “Adam&Eve / Eve&Adam”

The story is about the classic biblical theme “Genesis”. And why can’t Adam be Eve and vice versa ?
The video installation on two screens is a modern take on the story and goes beyond the
classic representation of the perfect couple that gave mankind it’s original sin.

Much like in the bible where Eve is sometimes a “he”, in this picturesque film lies the confclit of gender issue.
Just like last time, the classical soundtrack is written by Tom McRae and will be performed live.

When ? October 7th 2017
19:30 (live music) – 20:15 – 21:00 (live music) – 21:45 – 22:30 (live music) – 23:15 – 00:00 (live music) – 00:45 | 20 min.
Where ? FSMA, Congresstraat 12-14, Brussels.

Additional info here: http://nuitblanche.brussels/en/activity/adameve-eveadam/

For the complete program of “Les Nuits Blanches” visit: http://nuitblanche.brussels/en/